Our Mission

our-missionRecovery Is Possible, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) that is dedicated to helping people with mental illness by bringing recovery resources to the community. We help create opportunities and environments that empower people to recover. Our vision is to see lives transformed by offering people with mental illness a quality, comprehensive, and culturally responsive mental health program.

A Different Approach

Our staff of Certified Peer Specialists, Licensed Counselors, Registered Nurses, and a Board Certified Psychiatrist work together to provide a comprehensive approach to mental health treatment and recovery. Our professional team is focused on your recovery and dedicated to supporting your personal choices. At our Center you decide on your path to recovery and we help you accomplish those goals.

Person-Centered vs. Illness-Centered Treatment

For decades the approach to behavioral healthcare focused on an Illness-Centered Care model. But today we have a much better option, Person-Centered Care. Here are the differences:

Person-Centered :

  • The relationship is the foundation
  • Begin with the welcoming – outreach and engagement
  • Services are based on personal suffering and help needed
  • Treatment and rehabilitation are goal driven
  • Personal recovery is central form beginning to end
  • Track a personal progress towards recovery
  • Use techniques that promote personal growth and self responsibility
  • Services end when the person manages their own life and attains meaningful roles
  • The relationship may change and grow throughout and continue even after services end


  • The diagnosis is the foundation
  • Begin with the illness assessment
  • Services are based on diagnosis and treatment needed
  • Services work towards reduction of goals
  • Treatment is symptom driven and rehabilitation is disability driven
  • Recovery from the illness sometimes results after the illness and then the disabiity are taken care of
  • Track illness progress towards symptom reduction and cure
  • Use techniques that promote illness control and reduction of risk of damage from illness
  • Services end when the illness is cured
  • The relationship only exists to treat the illness and must be carefully restricted throughout keeping it professional

We are invested as a community partner as we continue to collaborate with healthcare facilities and other non-profit organizations within the behavioral health service community. Through these community partnerships, we are able to assist in achieving higher retention rates for those clients struggling with their diagnosis and the initial confusion while undergoing treatment.

Our core value is to help prevent individuals and families from losing their homes, jobs, and dignity while helping them achieve a successful level of functioning in society.

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